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What Would a Princess/Vampire Slayer's Ultimate Weapon Look Like?

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

In your regular weekend tabletop role play (as we all do, naturally), you are given the choice of how elimination of evil looks in your capable hands. But you get to choose just the one. Even Pokemon teams allow you 6 from the hundreds of choices.

Flair vs Function

I'm no Tolkien, so the fact that my character is both a Princess and a Vampire Slayer is just a way of introducing opportunities for the dramatics.

Ultimately the choices of weaponry came down to a mace and a warhammer.

Plato's Ideal

So this "thing" called Plato's Ideal has stuck with me ever since I read it in a 'philosophy for dummies' type of book.

Basically for example, everything someone mentions a shoe, you think of "THE SHOE". Or if someone mentioned a flower, you think of "THE FLOWER."

When it came to the warhammer, the question is: Is that its ideal form? Even better: Is how it should look getting closer to how it should work?

With generative design becoming a thing, future people's idea of ideal forms will be realized by its construction rather than be held back by its construction.

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